The Achilles Heel Of NFL Players Is Exposed Through Ezekiel Elliot’s Ordeal

Women.  Especially those that possess overwhelming beauty and sex appeal are a weakness of professional athletes.  We once again see this with the situation looming in Ezekiel Elliot’s circle.  A six game suspension may in this case should be the end of Elliot’s troubles albeit a sinister trap was set by the apparent victim.  While Elliot hopes that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell approves the request for an appeal, somewhere there are individuals such as the victim in this apparent act of sexual misconduct planning traps for other professional athletes.  Now of course there will be those people who attack the frame of this article and claim that the woman was a victim from top to bottom but they should consider the new evidence showing that this individual had a short term strategy of muddying up Ezekiel Elliot’s reputation.  Unfortunately this is just another case of professional ball players succumbing to the one thing that has been the weakness of men for ages.  Cowboy fans hope that Zeke’s suspension will be lessened.  Football fans hope that other players learn from this and use caution when displaying affection towards the opposite sex.


Houston Texan Fans See Shades Of The 90’s Houston Oilers With Their Current Roster

True football fans in Houston can go into the archives and reminisce over the 90’s when their former Oilers’ team had a tight grip on the AFC.  During that time Houston fans saw a great defense that was led by it’s ball-hawking secondary.  And no one can forget one of history’s top run n’ shoot offenses that was directed by hall of famer Warren Moon.  Now comes the next potential great Houston team in the 2017-18 Texans.  On paper this team is almost an exact replica of those 90’s Oilers teams.  A stingy defense and now an offense who has a young gun at quarterback.

deshaun watson blog pic 1
We’re not saying that the Houston area has its next Warren Moon but there is certainly nothing wrong with hoping that Deshaun Watson is a potential great

While Deshaun Watson is nowhere close to being in the NFL Hall of Fame, he is as close to a prospect as the Texans’ franchise has ever had.  If the coaching staff can get his mechanics adjusted to the speed and constant adjustments of the NFL game we are looking at a pro bowler in two to three years.  Meanwhile on defense the return of J.J. Watt signals the best front seven in the NFL.

jj watt blog cover 1
J.J. Watts’ return to the field gives the Texans the best defensive front in the NFL

Depending on the outcome of this season we may be talking about this defense as one of the best in the past quarter century.  The NFL preseason won’t expose a lot about the Texans as the main goal right now will be protecting the starters against needless injury.  But once Deshaun Watson gets adjusted to the game we could easily be looking at a seven to eight game stretch of wins.  The final result would be a super bowl run that Houston fans have been sorely waiting on.  Stay tuned…

Carson Wentz Is The New Prototype

I would say now is a good time to recognize Carson Wentz as the next big thing in quarterbacks.  The new prototype for draft day qb desires if you will.  The Philly qb from the now well known North Dakota St. displayed the perfect combination of a franchise quarterback in his first year.  Great arm, great playcaller mind, and decision making ability that ranks up there with the current greats such as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees.  The only question on Wentz is how his body will adjust to his sophomore campaign.  While Dak Prescott gets the vote for the best performance for rookie quarterbacks in year one, most critics would still line Prescott and Wentz up neck to neck for future performance rating.